Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beware of the road bully

We were on our way back (5km to Ayer Keroh, Plus highway) when a Naza MPV flashed us from behind to overtake.

Partly, it was my dad's fault for not giving way (despite me & mom's protests to just let the nincompoop pass)

That totally enraged the bugger so he pursued us really close from the left lane.

I totally lost it too, knocked some sense into my dad (sorry dad, it was for our own good!). So dad let the bugger pass.

But the bugger wouldn't let it go. He changed back to our lane, right in front of us and slowed down. Really slow, almost to a halt.

Bugger gave a signal, showed his finger, asking us to stop at the emergency lane.

Of course we're having none of this, so we overtook the bugger. Bugger pursued us again, from the left lane, window rolled down, shouted some obscenities & showed his finger to us.

I saw his face. Bulky, dark, Malay, bald, with steel bracelet, bouncer-like.

Panic-stricken, I called 999 (for the first time ever in my life). The operator passed me to the Ayer Keroh police. I told the cop that we were being pursued by a road bully & the plate no. was PGE 969, a Naza Ria MPV.

Cop put me off the line after that, without any further instructions. Then nothing happened. I guess the bugger saw me on the phone, so he decided to take flight.

Didn't see the bugger again after that. We didn't dare to stop at any of the R&R so we just kept on moving.

So all you out there, if u see someone really fast, flashing behind you, just let the bugger overtake. Don't be an egoistical maniac to want to race with the bugger. It's totally not worth it.

Be careful if you see this road bully bugger maniac moron nincompoop mangkuk tingkat lagi berayun also: PGE 969 Naza Ria MPV



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