Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tribute to Kaka the cat

Our dearest kitty, Kaka departed on Monday 2 June 2008

He went for an operation, but he never woke up.........
The doc was trying to find out what his ilness was, but it was only found too late......
On Thursday, 5 June 2008, the doc called back to tell Kaka was suffering from liver cancer
We never knew he suffered so much all this while. We are so sorry Kaka, that we found out too didn't eat much, you growled when we tried to lift you....if only cats could talk you would have told us it hurted, and where it hurted

Kaka went to the doctor 3 times, the first time, he wouldn't eat his favourite ikan kembung rebus & couldn't pee. So the doc inserted a catheter to help him pee. Then he was OK & happy, rolling, playing & running after his sister, Gigi, but only for awhile.

He became weak again, sitting silently in corners, lost his apetite & just staring blankly outside. Oh how much you suffered dear Kaka, only you & God's better for you to go & no longer suffer...

Kaka was buried in front the small lawn of our house, together with his brother/sister Ash (who died a day after my mom rescued the 3 of them - Kaka, Ash & Gigi).

L-R : Gigi, Kaka, Ash

Dearest Kaka, rest in peace, and we hope we have cared for you (but I know, it'll never be enough..) & know that you'll always be loved & remembered. We've put flowers on your small makam so you'll know we treasure & remember you. We miss you.....& your sis, Gigi misses you too

Kaka ~ 4 July 2006 - 2nd June 2008

Kaka sucking milk

Kaka the kitten playing at the sofa

Teenage Kaka & Gigi fighting for space on the sofa

Kaka sleeping like nobody's business
Kaka imitating Puma logo

Kaka when he was sick....poor him..

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