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Windsor, England

Sun, 11 Feb 2018

This was  Partner In Crime's first trip to England, so he wanted to see some castles. I searched for castles nearby London, and Windsor Castle was one of the recommended ones within an hour from London central.

Since we were staying at Hammersmith, we took the Greenline bus no. 702 from Hammersmith Bridge bus stop, which is a 5 minute walk from our Hotel Seraphine Best Western. You could also go to Windsor Legoland via this bus. We took the 8.25am bus to Windsor, which arrived on time. About 10 minutes in the journey, our bus engine overheated so we were stranded by the M4 motorway waiting for assistance. We were then transferred to the next bus at 9.30am, and made our way to Windsor, alighting at Windsor Theatre Royal, arriving at 10.30am. We bought the return bus ticket for GBP15 per person from the bus driver by cash.

stranded on the M4 motorway

Then entrance fee to Windsor castle is GBP 21.20 which includes a headset with descriptions of the halls and exhibitions on display in the castle within the castle ground. Photography is not allowed inside the castle, only outside. The halls are indeed grand and opulent, with chandeliers, paintings, furniture, royal gifts, weaponry (including a keris or dagger from Negeri Sembilan) and so much more. Unfortunately, no photography was allowed to capture all the grandeur.

According to the Windsor castle website, it has been home to the royalty for over 900 years. It includes the State Apartments, Queen Mary's dolls' house, grand reception room, semi state rooms and St George's chapel. As it was a Sunday, the chapel is closed for Sunday service and only opened for worshipers.

Windsor castle outside walls

Windsor castle

St George's chapel

After finishing the self guided tour with the headset, we dropped by at the Windsor castle souvenir shop and bought a tube of double chocolate biscuit with a Queen Elizabeth Longest Reigning Monarch tin decoration.
double chocolate biscuit tin decor

We then strolled along the River Thames, just by the Windsor castle, enjoying the cool weather and watching the ducks and swan happily swimming. You can also take a boat ride on the river for 40 minutes for GBP 8.50 during winter.

ducks and swan

River Thames

Windsor town

We caught the 702 bus back to Hammersmith at 2.36pm, using the return ticket we bought earlier.



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