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Budapest, Hungary

Tue 18 Sep 2018

For the trip to Budapest, we travelled by train from Bratislava via the train EC 275 at 11.53am. The journey took about 2.5 hours. We bought the train ticket from the Bratislava train station the previous day for EUR 9 per person. The train ride was comfortable, we had a seat by the window with tables. We arrived at Budapest train station Nyugati palyaudvar at 2.20pm. 

train from Bratislava to Budapest

inside the train

eating packed meal inside the train

Budapest train station

Budapest train station

We then proceeded towards the Metro station to buy the 72 hour travel card (there is no 48 hour pass, only 24 and 72 hour passes) from the ticket kiosk which costs 4150 HUF. The travel card is valid on trams, buses, metro train and ferry. For more info on types of travel cards and prices, go here. We used our credit card to buy the pass as we have not exchanged our currency yet to Hungarian Forint. Validation of the travel card is not required as the date and time of purchase would be printed out on the ticket and you could use it for the duration of your pass. Make sure to show the card if requested by the inspector.

To get to our Budapest City Pension, we took tram no 4 from the Budapest train station (Nyugati Palyaudvar) to Erzebet Korut stop. Our room was comfortable with all the necessities including jug kettle and English speaking stations on the TV. And it was a steal at only EUR 35.10 per night! We stayed for 2 nights and booked via

Osvat street to Budapest City Pension

our room at Budapest City Pension

After resting a bit, we followed our host's recommendation to go to the Great Market Hall (Nagycsarnok) located at the Fovam ter tram or metro stop, built in 1897.  There are stalls selling fruits, vegetables, cheese, salami and ham, and Hungarian paprika on the ground floor; souvenirs, Hungarian food and snacks like Langos (similar to cakoi/youtiao/churros, but is flat) on the second floor.

Great Market Hall facade

inside the Great Market Hall
view of the market from the second floor

salami and ham

Hungarian prapika and spices


Hungarian food

langos stall

langos with cheese and mushroom

Not far from the Great Market Hall is the Danube river, which we crossed by walking the Liberty bridge (or Szabadság híd) from the Pest side towards the Buda side. The Liberty bridge was built in 1896 but was damaged heavily during World War II.

Liberty bridge of Budapest

Danube river

Feeling hungry now, we made our way back to Pest, taking tram 49 to Kalvin ter, as we saw a halal cafe- Istanbul kebab there. We shared a dish of chicken with rice as the portion was big.

chicken with rice dish

We ventured out again to the Danube to get pictures of the city by the river at night, then called it a day.

Budapest Danube river at night

Budapest Danube river at night



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