Saturday, November 28, 2009

White Water Rafting : Jeram Besu

This happened some time ago – 2 May 09 to be exact, but since I just got the pictures today (dah basi lol!), I’m only writing it now :-p

We (myself, Nurul and her 2 sisters) went for white water rafting at Jeram Besu, Kuala Lipis Pahang. This was only a Level 1 rafting (the easiest level), so the rapids were not really challenging. But then we were all novices, so we’ve got to start easy first ;-) We took a half day tour, with lunch (very very yummy, authentic kampung food! I remember this vividly) which costed RM160/person. We also asked the tour operator to drive us to Jeram Besu, which we only paid for the petrol cost, quite a deal huh?

The journey from KL to Jeram Besu took about 1.5 hours (we took off around 7.30am and arrived by 9am) – but then again, the dude drove like a maniac, we could only pray we’d arrive safely. Other than that, the dude was a nice lad though :-)

Before we went for rafting proper, we had to go through 3 exercises:
- swimming to middle of the river and come back (with safety jacket of course)
- jumping into the rapids feet first and land on water in L-sitting position then let yourself drift with the rapids until you reach calm waters
- turn over the raft

We were then ready to go! We had to row for about 2km in calm water (it hadn’t rained for some time) before we reached the first rapids. The second rapid was more challenging than the first, and we got through fine without turning over! Maybe we had a really good guide ;-)

Our team!


Exercise #3: Turning over the raft

Row! row!

Arrr rapid ahead!!
We survived the rapids!

Done! :-)



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